Tony Patrick


We have a million ways to talk about and to articulate harm, but not enough words or phrases or sentences which can open the portal for restoration, renewal, and healing. Part of what I’m interested in currently is creating space for that.

I know how good it feels to be given agency, to be invited into continuums of imagination and creativity. And as we imagine together, we need to create a shared language for restoration. Where is the verbal bridge for clear, transparent communication that can facilitate healing and repair? Where is the structure for true dialogue and transformation and transcendence?

The (Re)Writers Room

The (Re)Writers Room is a collective process for reimagination, using a worldbuilding process evolved from seven years of community conversations, collective envisioning, and participatory design. It is a response to the crisis of imagination that affects our platforms and institutions, and offers a systematic roadmap to reimagine cultures, words, and values needed for citizens, communities and organizations to thrive.

Location: New York, NY & Online
Duration: 2020-ongoing

Guggenheim Greenhaus

The Guggenheim Greenhaus “...ushers in new voices to identify where needs live in order to develop a specialized plan for treatment and initiate what is often a slow, organic repair,” writes Anisa Tavangar.

Location: New York, NY
Duration: 2021-ongoing

The School of Lived Experience (S.O.L.E.)

S.O.L.E. is a renewal center powered by artists, healers, and creative advocates that strengthens mental, physical, and digital wellbeing.

Co-organized by For Freedoms and Continuus, S.O.L.E. brings together artists, somatic guides, spiritual visionaries, creative technologists, and cultural workers to weave intergenerational and collective practices back together.

Location: Online
Duration: 2022-ongoing
News: Substack


ShareLab is a proposed social innovation incubator and co-creation space that creates, prototypes, and launches the next generation of arts businesses, creative ventures, and technological cooperatives.

Locations: Online; New York, NY; Stockholm, Sweden
Date: 2022-ongoing

Tenfold Gaming Initiative

TGI’s mission is to create and foster community learning for marginalized youth in the New York area. Through a unique game system style of Play, Sport, Build — students can play games that they are passionate about, learn important aspects of eSports like teamwork and compassion and develop design and life skills to empower their future success in gaming or any other venue imaginable. At Tenfold Gaming Initiative, the students are the champions.

Year: 2016-ongoing